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Doctoral Symposium


Proposal submission

OCT. 31, 2018

Notification of acceptance

JAN. 31, 2019

Doctoral Symposium

June 22-23


June 23-26


OCT. 31, 2018
Proposal submission

JAN. 31, 2019

JUNE 22-23
Doctoral Symposium

JUNE 23-26

Doctoral Symposium

This is the fourth time that the AIMAC conference includes its successful doctoral symposium in its conference program. We welcome PhD students who wish to submit their research for further discussion and improvement. We welcome submissions from all over the world. Applicants from a broad range of disciplines and approaches are encouraged to submit.

The doctoral symposium will address various sectors of the arts, entertainment and cultural industries (performing arts and festivals, heritage, museums and visual arts, film production and distribution, book publishing, recording, broadcasting, audio-visual media and multimedia, design, etc.). Proposals on all management approaches to arts, entertainment and culture are welcome: for example, arts marketing; strategic planning; production from an arts managerial perspective; organizational strategy, structure, culture and behavior, arts consumption and consumer studies; accounting and finance in the arts; the digital economy; cultural policy; and public support for the arts, to name a few.

Symposium proceedings

The AIMAC 2019 Doctoral Symposium program will offer interactive discussions and presentations from eminent professors, and early and mi-career researchers who are used to guiding students through their doctoral journey.

During parallel sessions, each participant will:

  • present his/her work for fifteen minutes and address epistemological, methodological or theoretical issues; and
  • take part in ten minutes of discussion with professors.

There will be an award for Best Doctoral Research project, based on:

  • presentation at the doctoral colloquium (argument presented in slides; argument presented orally in support of slides); and
  • written submission to the doctoral symposium.

It will be announced during  the Plenary Session- Closing ceremony on June 26th, 2019


Doctoral students wishing to present a paper at the doctoral workshop must submit:

  • an initial extended abstract in ENGLISH of their proposal in the format required in the guidelines
  • after the abstract is revised, a revised extended abstract of their proposal in the format required in the guidelines


The extended abstract will focus on the following:

  • the context in which the study is taking place
  • a brief literature review
  •  the research question that emerges from the literature
  • the focus can be theoretical, methodological and /or empirical, depending on the progress made in doctoral study by the applicant.

Applications from doctoral students in their first, second or third year of doctoral study or those whose thesis is already well under way BUT NOT YET FINISHED are particularly encouraged to apply. Academic organizers of the doctoral workshop select proposals according to the following criteria:

  • Originality and novelty
  • Clarity of the problem
  • Rigor and appropriateness of the methodological approach to the research question
  • Creativity
  • Quality and completeness of references
  • Potential contribution to research in management of arts and culture
  • Writing style

It must also comply with the guidelines on the form and layout (see below instructions to authors and template for doctoral workshop presentation).

Participants will be selected based on their application and notified of their acceptance. AIMAC 2019 doctoral symposium participants are required to pay their AIMAC entrance fees, which allow them to take part in the AIMAC 2019 conference following the doctoral workshop.

Deadline for submitting application is October 31, 2018. PhDs will be informed of acceptance January 31, 2019. Selected PhDs will be requested to submit their final presentation by June 22-23, 2019.

For more information contact:

Proposals for the 4th AIMAC Doctoral Workshop under the 15th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management, AIMAC 2019,

should follow the guidelines below


All documents, abstract and papers should be written in English. So do oral presentations.

Maximum length

Proposals, edited in accordance with guidelines, must not exceed FIVE pages, including references.


Proposal should be submitted in MS Word format


All text, including titles, names and citations, must be in Times New Roman, 11pt.

Page layout

Page size should be A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm). Left and right margins: 2.54 cm; Top and bottom margins: 2.54 cm


Please ensure that the spelling of names, terms and abbreviations is consistent in the main body of the text and tables, figures and legends.


The general structure of the paper should be as follows:

  • Title
  • Author name, and full contact details (phone, e-mail, Twitter handle, LinkedIn)
  • University, and year of doctoral program
  • Thesis supervisor (name, university, e-mail)
  • 150-word abstract
  • Keywords (up to five)
  • One-page maximum background and literature review
  • Propose a specific research question of interest to arts and cultural management
  • Sketch the theoretical framework
  • Outline methodology and if appropriate empirical evidence;
  • Offer preliminary findings and elements for discussion;
  • Include limitations of the research;
  • References.

Tables and Figures

Insert tables and figures in the main body of the text, following the paragraph in which they are first mentioned.

aimacsubmission@unive.itSEND YOUR PROPOSAL
aimacsubmission@unive.itSEND YOUR PROPOSAL
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